Today I met up with a friend and explored the well known Kensington Market downtown. Aside from doing work I knew that I needed to spend some time creating more content for my blog and what better way than to explore the streets of downtown Toronto. We first shot around campus since I have always admired the beautiful gothic and olden day architectures. When I had classes at the UC building, I always loved studying by the court yard during the Fall and Spring time. There was always a nice breeze and it was nice to study outside rather than the typical cubicles at the library. 

Since the weather was quite warm I decided to opt out on a heavy coat. I went for a bomber jacket instead. I bought this jacket at Forever 21 and surprisingly the quality was better than I expected. Since it was quite puffy and thicker than most bombers I was very warm when walking around the streets of Toronto. For the most part I did end up wearing three layers with a blanket scarf over, so I was definitely prepared for the weather this time. I wore a paradox merino blend long sleeve layered under my turtleneck sweater. Wearing both together felt like I was on cloud 9. It was super warm and with the bomber on top I was ready for the chilly breeze Toronto has to offer in the evening.

Bomber Jacket: Forever 21

Paradox Merino Wool Long sleeve: Costco (Comes in a pack with black leggings)

Cropped Marled Grey Turtleneck Sweater: Sold out on Romwe, but similar ones can be found at H&M, Express, Shein

Dark Olive Green Skinnies: Forever 21

 Grey Stripe Fringe Blanket Scarf: Shein

Platform Creepers: Missguided

Pleather Backpack with Gold Zipper: Urban Planet

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The photo on the left is the wall drawing of white palm leaves and the right is a quick snapshot of the poke bowl and smoothie my friend captured. 

I was scrolling through the explore page of Instagram and came across a cafe bar photo of Calii Love. I was intrigued by the cute poke bowls, decor and wall aesthetics. I've been to other places that serve salad/ poke bowls and smoothies around Mississauga and Markham area, but haven't gotten the chance to give it a try in Toronto. My friend and I went there for a light dinner since we were pretty full from eating a late lunch. Calii Love is known to be a Hawaiian and LA inspired quick food and cafe bar. So this was a great choice since we were semi hungry, plus we wanted to take cute aesthetically pleasing photos for Instagram. 

Calii Love is located on King Street West and the sign was easy to spot with the white background and black font. When I first stepped in, the place was very spacious with a nice walkway and staircase to walk up onto. The tables are located both left and right when walking straight from the entrance to the order menu corner. I'll admit the white walls, hung surfboards and colourful chairs was such a nice set up. I wish my room decorated in a similar style. Personally, the decor definitely caught my eye so I was very pleased with that. 

As I approached the menu I could already see people with smoothies, acai bowls, a coffee or poke bowl. Everything looked very colourful which matched the Hawaiian inspired theme. Their customizable poke bowls came in small($10.95), regular($14.95) and raw($17.95). I decided on the small which included one scoop of protein and three toppings. For the base I chose sushi rice, topped with salmon and added avocado, wakame (fancy name for seaweed salad), cucumbers and edamame which the server kindly added without additional cost. Lastly, they added avocado sauce of my choice.

When they scooped out the salmon I was already slightly disappointed with the amount given. I understand fish is expensive, but it was much less than other places I've been to. Overall, the food quality was subpar for the premium pricing. For $10.95 without tax included I assumed that it would be cold salmon, but since it was laid out with the array of other fishes in the open I knew that it would fall short. Also the ratio of rice to toppings was upsetting as most of the bowl was rice with small scoops of toppings on top. Aside from the the cute decor and design the place has the offer, I personally would not come back for a poke bowl. If I were to come again, I would try out their smoothies or a latte. 

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