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I find that with fashion I go through different fazes. Each season or month I end up fixating on different style trends and this time around is the teddy coat. If I were to see a teddy coat a few years back I would not have appreciated the art of the coat. I would be thinking to myself why would anyone wear something like that? It's like a big ball of (faux) fur and I might as well wear a (faux) fur jacket instead. The texture of a teddy coat is different compared to a regular fur jacket. The coat's shaggy texture, classic collars and oversized appearance give it an edgy, yet casual aesthetic. Whenever I come across different teddy coats I'm reminded of the vintage style during the sixties. Something one would wear on their way to a poetry reading in England. You may be thinking, that sounds so lady-like and imagine it on someone who is wealthy and high-class. But no, anyone can pull off wearing a teddy coat! It all comes down to stepping out of your comfort zone and being confident with what you wear. 

Another great thing about this coat is the complete fur style proves to do a great job of keeping heat in and the cold out. I've worn this when there was snow on the ground and it kept me warm all day especially in colder Canadian climate. The vintage style of the coat can be paired with any simple attire from jeans to trousers, or even dress it up with a body con dress and heels.  Since the coat is so fluffy, its best to balance that texture over a fitted outfit. Here, I styled it with a white blouse tucked into high-waisted trousers that slightly narrow into my ankles. The trousers elongate my legs making me appear taller since the coat is longer in length. It's important to balance out your top and bottom, so you won't appear as if you're drowning in the oversized coat. The houndstooth pattern on my trouser was definitely a daring piece to pair especially with the teddy coat, but the classic black and white attire made the outfit work. Nevertheless, one overarching fashion rule of thumb is to not make too many statements in one outfit. A teddy coat is such a statement piece: it says I'm stylish, but still cozy, so let it speak for itself.

Coat HERE 

How would you pair a teddy coat? Leave a comment below. 

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