Vaxholm, the capital of Stockholm Archipelago on 06/03/17

● Took a ferry to the island
● Ate lunch
● Walked around the island and in the park
● Colourful and cottage-like houses
● Friendly and warm neighbourhood
● Ate Hazelnut Gelato
● Took a ferry back to Stockholm
● Ate at a fast food restaurant called Max for dinner

Vaxholm is a beautiful island near the area of Stockholm. The neighbourhood is very peaceful leaving the area a wonderful getaway from the busy streets of downtown Stockholm. Many houses have a wide front yard with fenced gates for privacy. I took a ferry from Stockholm Central Station, but I originally commuted from Årstaberg (area where I lived in the summer). The ferry took around an hour and fifteen minutes. Despite the long ride, it was quicker than expected since I was enjoying the beautiful harbour and scenery along the way. This was our first trip as a group along with my location coordinator and other students. 

Fast forward, I had a delicious meal at a local restaurant called Vaxholm Market Hall where I ordered a Varma Machor (Warm Sandwich) with kyckling, chevre, syltad lök, pesto samt pinjenötte (chicken, chevre (cheese made with goat milk), pickled onions, pesto and pine nuts). I know that was a mouthful. The price was 115,00 kr ~ $18 cad. Let me say this was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. There is just something about Sweden’s cheese that makes it wonderfully gourmet and it melts right into your mouth enriching its taste. 

After lunch we took a stroll around the neighbourhood. If I could describe Vaxholm I would picture it similar to the movie The Hobbit. The houses in Vaxholm were all so colourful and adorable comparable to a fairytale storybook where mythical creatures or princesses would live. There were many cottage-like houses with cobblestone paths. The harbourfront was beautiful with a variety of parked yachts and boats along the shoreline. We had gelato along the way and I ordered the Hazelnut flavour- as expected since I love Ferrero Rocher. We then took the ferry back to Stockholm and ended our first day-trip excursion.

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