Fall is finally here and what better way to change up your wardrobe and everyday look with a new pair of glasses! I recently was gifted this beautiful eyewear in Kio Yamato's collection. For more information about the collection check out their site: http://www.kioyamato.com/#/

Their collection showcases a sophisticated and timeless appearance making me gravitate towards their crafted eyepieces. As an asian I found it difficult finding the perfect pair of glasses. From recent ones I owned, they always felt too heavy or the glasses would always fall down the bridge of my nose, the frame didn't accentuate certain areas of my face, and etc. There were endless reasons as to why I always wore contacts daily. They were also the reasons as to why I procrastinated in buying a new frame for the longest time. After more than two years, I have finally let go of my previous black and white glasses and have moved on to a more subtle piece that brings more vibrant towards my skin tone. The tortoise appearance in Kio Yamato's Marilyn creates a great muted statement making my dark pupils pop. I have dark brown eyes and many darker tone glasses make me look more tired, but Kio Yamato's Marilyn collection in Blossom (http://www.kioyamato.com/#/collection/KP-193) really took the home run and was exactly what I envisioned for an eyewear that suited me while making me appear more happy and youthful. The glasses really speak out my personality and the rounder frame with the silver accent at the tip of the "cat eye" matches perfectly with the thin nose bridge. Most importantly, there are nose pads! I can't emphasis enough when people ask me (especially asians) what pair of glasses should I buy!? Well first off, nose pads are a definite must especially for asians without a tall nose bridge. I have been wearing these glasses for school and work and I have never had the problem with them slipping down my nose. I have also noticed more glances/ stares from people and I think its definitely from these glasses. I must say they do grab a lot of attention, but aside from that it brings out my personality with pops of colour.

KIO YAMATO OPTICS is luxury eyewear with sophistication and foresight, dedicated to superior quality and committed to exceptional customer service. With the timeless character of our products, we lay down the foundation for brand recognition worldwide.

"KIO translates as pure and clean. Pure and clean undoubtedly is the essence of this collection. The natural, refined lines of the design accent the concept of lightweight titanium and truly unique, custom-made acetate." - Kio Yamato https://goo.gl/jaUB4m

"YAMATO is the name of an ancient Japanese province, better known as “The Court of Yamato”, which literally signifies “The Great Peace”. YAMATO, a narrow plain situated 20 to 30 kilometers from Kyoto and Osaka, holds great archeological wealth, and thus symbolizes with eloquence this first Japanese state whose power sprang from wisdom and grace." - Kio Yamato https://goo.gl/jaUB4m

Summary: I definitely suggest to visit your local luxury eyewear store or check our Kio Yamato's site for more inspiration on glasses. They have a large collection with a variety of glasses that suit different personality types. I have been wearing my Marilyn glasses non-stop and I'm excited that the eyewear frame matches perfectly for the Fall/ Winter season.

PS: These selfies may not be the best photo to bring out my glasses, but I will definitely be working on a photoshoot for this eyewear! Stay tuned in the next week or so! Also comment below what everyday accessory or jewellery you love wearing. 

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