Chunky off shoulder knit, distressed jeans and suede black platforms are the perfect laid back combo. Toronto has been blessed with amazing weather lately and I had to bring out my distressed denim before it gets cold again. I have always loved the distressed denim trend, but found it quite tricky pairing it with certain items in my closet. I don't usually wear jeans with this much rips especially with both my knees exposed, but I loved the high-waisted style and cut of the jeans, so I had to purchase this great find. The slouchiness of the sweater pairs well with the laid back distressed jeans and to add the perfect accessory I wore a silver double wrap belt to continue the cool colour palette of metallic and grey. The sweater itself brings out a feminine appeal with the off shoulder neckline, but when paired with these light grey jeans it creates a tomboy and grungy outfit. For shoes, I wore my black platforms to complete the look. 

Off Shoulder Knit HERE 

Distressed Jeans HERE 

Suede Platforms Similar HERE

Double Wrap Belt HERE

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Have you ever gotten invited to formal events that require a dress code in either "semi-formal," "business casual," or "cocktail attire?" Do you feel slightly frantic or stressed when choosing that perfect dress, heels and accessories to pair with? Don't worry you're not alone. The terms "semi-formal, business casual and cocktail attire" have struck fear into the best of us. Your choice of evening gown should depend on the formality of the event. If it's a conservative and formal occasion then adding a shawl is a must. Otherwise, you can choose a more feminine attire that shows off some skin such as a side split, side cut and low back. Dark colours are popular and an acceptable choice for formal attires since they portray a sophisticated and classy appearance. This time around, I had my model wear a red sweet heart a-line gown. It gives off a sultry and sexy appeal compared to traditional all black or white dresses. Since red is such a vibrant and royal colour, I had my model pair it with nude heels and kept the accessories simple with silver jewellery- a charm bracelet and white floral earrings. 


I decided to change things up a bit for this post. Instead of solely uploading outfit photos of myself I will be featuring a few guest posts each month on my blog. These posts will be both male or female creating different perspectives with unisex fashion. I'm excited to bring on this new idea and I hope you can take inspiration from it. 

All photos were shot and edited by me. 


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Chilly temperatures are upon us and there is no better time to invest in the winter staples we need this season. While the cooler air can be frustrating to work with, it also provides a great opportunity for spicing  up your look. Also how can we forget Valentine's day is right around the corner, so bring out the hint of red, pink and white's from your closet! Peacoats and midi-length coats are a must have for any outfit especially when you want to look more put together than the heavy down parkas you may wear on a daily basis. Here are some outfit inspirations with coats of different style and length. Coats in shades of grey and tan are seen everywhere on runways, stores and online sites, but if you want to change things up a bit, burgundy and maroon are other options as well. The first look is a classic attire with a grey peacoat and grey scarf. Although white and black are easier to work with, grey isn't as hard as it seems. Many don't realize that pairing different textures of grey and adding accessories like a silver necklace or bracelet really help bring an all grey outfit to the next level. For shoes or heels opt for colours such as white, black or even red. The pop of colour will bring out an all grey outfit.


The second pairing is the famous tan or coffee coloured coat. I'm sure many of you have this classic coat in your closet. To change things up a bit, add a (faux) fur collar to glam up a regular outfit. The fur brings out a more feminine look and is great for brunch and transitioning to an evening date night or a stroll around town. Wear your favourite winter outfit and top if off with black booties and you are good to go! 

Aside from the classic colour palettes that everyone gravitate on, maroon and burgundy are becoming a huge hit for outerwear, especially in the traditional peacoat style. Rocking a red coat can sometimes be intimidating, on top of that a peacoat can sometimes look more masculine or oversized when paired the wrong way. In this pairing, I chose again another (faux) fur collar, but in black this time. I will admit this is a more daring look and may not be everyone's taste, but personally I love the contrast between the red and black. It gives out not only a feminine touch, but a royal and lavishing appeal. Wear your go to pointed black heels and you have yourself another personalized winter outfit. 

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I find that with fashion I go through different fazes. Each season or month I end up fixating on different style trends and this time around is the teddy coat. If I were to see a teddy coat a few years back I would not have appreciated the art of the coat. I would be thinking to myself why would anyone wear something like that? It's like a big ball of (faux) fur and I might as well wear a (faux) fur jacket instead. The texture of a teddy coat is different compared to a regular fur jacket. The coat's shaggy texture, classic collars and oversized appearance give it an edgy, yet casual aesthetic. Whenever I come across different teddy coats I'm reminded of the vintage style during the sixties. Something one would wear on their way to a poetry reading in England. You may be thinking, that sounds so lady-like and imagine it on someone who is wealthy and high-class. But no, anyone can pull off wearing a teddy coat! It all comes down to stepping out of your comfort zone and being confident with what you wear. 

Another great thing about this coat is the complete fur style proves to do a great job of keeping heat in and the cold out. I've worn this when there was snow on the ground and it kept me warm all day especially in colder Canadian climate. The vintage style of the coat can be paired with any simple attire from jeans to trousers, or even dress it up with a body con dress and heels.  Since the coat is so fluffy, its best to balance that texture over a fitted outfit. Here, I styled it with a white blouse tucked into high-waisted trousers that slightly narrow into my ankles. The trousers elongate my legs making me appear taller since the coat is longer in length. It's important to balance out your top and bottom, so you won't appear as if you're drowning in the oversized coat. The houndstooth pattern on my trouser was definitely a daring piece to pair especially with the teddy coat, but the classic black and white attire made the outfit work. Nevertheless, one overarching fashion rule of thumb is to not make too many statements in one outfit. A teddy coat is such a statement piece: it says I'm stylish, but still cozy, so let it speak for itself.

Coat HERE 

How would you pair a teddy coat? Leave a comment below. 

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Today I met up with a friend and explored the well known Kensington Market downtown. Aside from doing work I knew that I needed to spend some time creating more content for my blog and what better way than to explore the streets of downtown Toronto. We first shot around campus since I have always admired the beautiful gothic and olden day architectures. When I had classes at the UC building, I always loved studying by the court yard during the Fall and Spring time. There was always a nice breeze and it was nice to study outside rather than the typical cubicles at the library. 

Since the weather was quite warm I decided to opt out on a heavy coat. I went for a bomber jacket instead. I bought this jacket at Forever 21 and surprisingly the quality was better than I expected. Since it was quite puffy and thicker than most bombers I was very warm when walking around the streets of Toronto. For the most part I did end up wearing three layers with a blanket scarf over, so I was definitely prepared for the weather this time. I wore a paradox merino blend long sleeve layered under my turtleneck sweater. Wearing both together felt like I was on cloud 9. It was super warm and with the bomber on top I was ready for the chilly breeze Toronto has to offer in the evening.

Bomber Jacket: Forever 21

Paradox Merino Wool Long sleeve: Costco (Comes in a pack with black leggings)

Cropped Marled Grey Turtleneck Sweater: Sold out on Romwe, but similar ones can be found at H&M, Express, Shein

Dark Olive Green Skinnies: Forever 21

 Grey Stripe Fringe Blanket Scarf: Shein

Platform Creepers: Missguided

Pleather Backpack with Gold Zipper: Urban Planet

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I have been loving this longline white bomber I bought over the holidays. It's the perfect white and the material is similar to a windbreaker jacket. The zipper adds a nice contrast with a metallic sheen against the white. Although it's not as warm compared to the previous jackets or bombers I wore, but I love the professional and sophisticated appearance when worn. For the first layer, I wore a burgundy tee with the criss cross near the collar area to add a subtle touch of edge. I purposely bought this shirt because of the neckline and with the v-neck style, it shows off my collar and neck without cutting it like a regular boat neck tee. I paired my outfit with leather pants, another one of the favourite staple items. Leather has been slowly taking over my closet. Personally, I think everyone should have a pair of leather pants or a leather jacket in their closet. They are very versatile- I can dress it up or down from wearing a normal white tee with sneakers to a nice blouse with heels. Lastly, I wore my everyday black ankle booties to elongate my legs with the black pants. 

If you haven't already noticed, I love wearing different style of glasses on an everyday basis. Although I do love wearing contacts by itself, but eyeglasses really bring out one's personality and most importantly their eyes. I chose a different style compared to the cat eye frames I usually gravitate towards. I must say these style of frames are all over Instagram and Tumblr. I see them everywhere! These are the iconic glasses with the mix of hipster, edge and aviators inspired. It was just last spring and summer (SS16) that Gucci showcased their eyeglass collection with models wearing the throwback gold aviator glasses. This retro style is set to be a huge trend and Gucci led their way with their seventies inspired style campaign. The trend is still continuing into 2017, but it has been moving more towards circular framed glasses- similar to the famous Harry Potter if I were to give you a visual imagination. The pair I am wearing is a rose-gold colour that creates a more feminine appeal. 

So, what do you think of the seventies-inspired eyewear look? Retro-chic or a little to nostalgic for your tastes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or send me a quick message. Also for more details of my outfits click on the links below. 

Michael Kors Kendall Eyeglasses

White Longline Bomber

Leather Pants

Burgundy Criss Cross Tee

Ankle Booties


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Those who know me well should know I love the appearance of long hair, but secretly want to chop it all off because 1) Hair can be annoying especially when there is static 2) I will just have to admit that my baby hairs will always be all over the place 3) More hair, the heavier your head feels... or maybe that's just my personal thoughts. Today was one of those days where I just had no idea what to do with my hair. After many debates and try ons of whether to wear a hat or simply put it up into a ponytail or bun, I finally decided to wear it as a ponytail- easy, simple and less maintenance since a bun may need checkups for hair strand flyaway. You may be thinking, why don't I just leave it down, but honestly with the fuzzy sweater I wore today, the static level would have been beyond what I could control. Personally, I am no hair guru nor do I even have much knowledge with styling hair, so I always admire or compliment those who curl their hair so effortlessly. And for guys out there, don't think I forgot about you. Thumbs up for those putting in time to style your hair in the morning because it does make quite a difference.

Today I threw on a slightly cropped fuzzy white sweater. The sweater was originally my mother's, but I haven't seen her wear it, so I had to take this vintage find for myself. I have been loving the high-neck styles lately. Although some may think it's unflattering or uncomfortable with the collar around your neck, but with the right outer pairing and loose knit, high-neck tops can be an easy go to outfit. I paired it with high-waisted dark olive green skinnies. A darker colour against off white and creme creates a classic, more timeless look, and helps to bring out cream's undertone. Throw on over a longline duster and your effortless outfit turns into a more put together appearance. Since all the snow has melted, I had the chance to wear my platform oxfords. For a petite figure like me wearing heels or platform wedges is always a plus. The traditional contrast between the black and white is what drawn me to buy them and with the hidden wedge, walking long distance is not a problem.

Longline Camel Duster: Boohoo

Platform Oxfords: Yesstyle

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The weather lately has been quite bipolar ranging from freezing rain or snow to temperatures above zero of two to five. I wake up sometimes feeling so confused with what to wear! Today was another snowfall in my city. The weather forecast was not a joke when they said there will be freezing rain later in the day. Surprisingly, when I walked out it wasn’t as cold as I thought. I decided to sport a more nineties inspired outfit with the trend of a cami tank over a high- neck long sleeve. I paired it with a faux shearling jacket I bought during the holidays paired with high-waisted disco pants. I’m not even sure if they are considered disco pants since it’s not as shiny and more of a polyester and cotton fabric. But, I have received many compliments and people asking where I got it from. Since it was still snowing I decided to grab my go-to knitted beanie and wore my trusty Ugg boots. These boots are seriously the warmest pair of shoes I own. They are comfy, quick to thrown on, waterproof- keeping the feet extra warm and dry. Also great when walking through high amounts of snow since there is good traction at the bottom. The fur folding over is also a super cute design, but can be folded upwards for more warmth on your legs. It was definitely a good purchase especially during colder climates in Canada.

Pink Knitted Beanie: Missguided

Crop High-neck long sleeve: Missguided

Satin Cami: Missguided

Bonded Faux Suede Moto Jacket: Forever 21

High-waisted Disco pants: Forever 21

Adirondack Leather Boot: Ugg Canada

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Leather jackets are such a staple piece in anyone's closet. Pairing it down for quick errands or a regular day of classes would be with a comfy v-neck and slim fit joggers. But, if you want to bring it up a notch leather jackets paired with a nice blouse or knit sweater are other options as well. For shoes, you can keep it simple by wearing comfy sneakers or dress it up with over the knee boots. Any style of heels would work as well especially when worn with boyfriend cut jeans. For a work attire, grab a slim fit trouser in a lighter shade to contrast with the darkness of the leather jacket, so you won't be drowning in an all black attire. Wear your favourite heels and you are good for meetings during the day while leading to dinner plans with co-workers. Personally, I would choose a pair of chunky heels for comfort wise, but for a long day of work or class slip-on shoes or even loafers would be a better choice. Lastly, grab your timeless black handbag for the final touch to your evening out.

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This winter I have fallen in love with slip dresses. They are such a timeless and beautiful piece that makes an outfit more elegant and put together. Although many may think that slip dresses are too risky or appears like lingerie, but when paired with a structured jacket or camel coat then you bring the dress out from the house to a girl’s night out attire. On top of that, this dress was such a good steal on Missguided for $20! Can you believe it $20!? I have checked multiple online sites and they usually sell them for more than $30 due to the silky fabric. The fabric is also not too sheer, so it is safe to wear alone. It also came with a white tee, but the dress itself is already nice to wear. I was way too excited when it arrived, and the dress looks exactly like the photo on the site. It was my first time ordering from them along with other items which I will upload later, but I am more than impressed with their quality of clothes especially with the price I paid. I will definitely be buying from them again.

I paired this satin dress with a structured moto vest with grey patent ankle boots. This pairing is my to go outfit whenever I feel lazy, but want to look good for date night or night out with your friends.

Since it is winter here in Canada, this outfit would be too thin to just walk out. To layer, wear a white high-neck fitted long sleeve under the dress with sheer tights on the bottom. This brings out a nineties vibe that is so popular nowadays. If you feel the dress is too short add on the bottom with fitted shorts for an extra layer. Also, to cover up your sleeves, ditch the moto vest and wear a structured long camel coat with a blanket scarf and you will be dancing the night away feeling extra snuggled and warm.

Satin Slip Dress: Missguided

Moto vest: Forever 21

Patent Ankle Boots: BooHoo

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